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Center for Supportive Care

Our Supportive Care Center provides services to patients with musculoskeletal, neurological and psychological conditions, as well as to those who are having difficulty adjusting to disability, with their dignity in mind and a mission to help improve their function and quality of life. 


Patients who experience an accident or stroke, the frail and elderly are often in need of complex healing and specialized treatments.  Patients with long term conditions like memory issues, vision issues, incontinence, brain injury, extremity problems, recovery after stroke and amputation, do not require acute hospital care.  The Premier Supportive Care Center provides services, treatment and support for these patients who may benefit from longer - term specialized care

Center for Rehabilitation

At Premier’s Center for Rehabilitation, we believe the best way to get someone back on their feet faster is to offer them a setting where they can receive help through various therapeutic treatments.


 If patients need help after a surgery or illness, or has an ongoing condition that makes the activities of daily living difficult, rehabilitative care can give them the help they need while preserving the independence they want.   Our services provide rehabilitative care, restorative therapy and long-term nursing care which emphasizes each person’s quality of life, dignity and comfort.

Center for Geriatric/Elderly Care 

The Premier Center for Geriatric Care offers personalized care from doctors who specialize in caring for older adults (age 70 and above).  We promote health and wellness in older adults by management of disease and disabilities that may occur as people age.  Our center provides comprehensive services with a focus on individuals with complex or multiple medical needs and/or cognitive impairment utilizing an interdisciplinary team to help manage:

  • Memory loss and confusion   

  • Depression and behavioral changes

  • Decline in mobility, changes in gait and falls

  • Multiple concurrent medical conditions

  • A lack of medication management

  • Frailty

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