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Center for

Wound Care and Infusion Services

Treatment of non-healing wounds can be challenging.  At the Premier Wound Care Center, we are committed to helping patients heal.  Our patients receive comprehensive care to prevent and treat chronic or hard-to-heal wounds by providing the latest advancements, technologies and treatment programs based on each patient’s personal needs. Patients recently discharged from the hospital with a wound may benefit from follow up at our center as well.


Many comprehensive services are offered for the management of chronic wounds.



Non-healing surgical wounds

Malignant wounds

Skin tears

Radiation burns

Diabetic Ulcers               

Post-surgical Wounds                  

Neuropathic Ulcers        

Traumatic Wounds                       


Minor Burns                             

Pressure Ulcers/Decubitus Ulcers

Treatment and therapies

The wound care team determines the most appropriate therapies for you and recommends a course of treatment, which may include: 


Wound evaluation and monitoring

Cleaning and bandaging

Advanced dressing selection

Pressure treatments, including compression wraps and negative-pressure wound therapy


Moisture treatments and tissue builders

Physical Therapy,

Surgical therapies, if necessary

Hyperbolic Oxygen Therapy: When tissue is injured, it may require more oxygen to heal.  Hyperbolic oxygen therapy involves patients breathing oxygen at high pressure from a comfortable delivery system called "oxygen hoods."  During treatment, patients relax in large recliner chairs and sit upright.  

Infusion Services

Premier offers a wide range of specialized outpatient infusion services provided by experienced and certified registered nurses in a comfortable environment.  Premier offers safe, convenient and relaxing outpatient infusion services, including medication infusions, blood transfusions, IV antibiotics, hydration and other types of IV treatment.

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